A dedicated stalkers gralloching knife, designed from scratch to take your next beast from field to plate as efficiently as possible.

Capreolus Custom Handmade Knife

Capreolus in RWL34 steel and orange/black G10

When I first went deer stalking, I took with me a knife I felt would fulfill the duties required of gralloching/dressing the beast. I soon realised that my choice was far from ideal, and looking around, I felt that indeed most readily available choices were at best a compromise and often much worse. I immediately set about designing and making a dedicated knife for the serious deer stalker, and the end result was the Capreolus. Although somewhat "out the box" in it's appearance, form truely follows function and every aspect has been designed to make the job of performing a field gralloch as easy and as safe as possible.

The edge of the blade is dropped to form an integral finger guard, preventing the hand running forward onto the edge, and replacing a typical guard that extends out beyond the blade, which can be cumbersome and unbalance the knife. The spine follows this drop, firstly to keep the blade very slender in order to easily work inside the back end of a deer, and it also provides a perfect thumb rest to aid grip whilst making slicing cuts. The blade sweeps to a fine drop point which offers the greatest control, and allows the tip to be comfortably covered to unzip the hide without nicking the innards. Lastly, a small false-edge 'swedge' at the tip gives a very fine point that is perfect for getting into the leg joints and cutting the tendons back in the larder.

The handle is available in many materials, but I recommend G10 or micarta with a sculpted finish which adds a considerable amount of grip for when things get mucky and slick! Due to several requests, a larger version is also available for the bigger species of deer, and in fact the dimentions can be customised within reason to suit your needs.