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Work In Progress - Tactical Trailing Point Knife

I've been working on a new design for a trailing point knife and thought it would be kinda cool to post some WIP pics of the various stages along the way.

I decided to use the ultra-tough CPM-3V in 3mm thick stock, for a light and easy to carry piece that was still able to take abuse whilst using that toughness to get excellent edge geometry.  It has been tempered back to Rc58 to maximise the balance of toughness and edge holding and it performed better than I anticipated in a rope slice and aluminium sheet puncture test.


Next post, I will be putting handles on these and one will likely be available of my for sale page in the near future!

Rough cut in 3V
  • The profile is trued up and handle pins drilled.
  • Why make 1, when you can make 2!
  • First bevel is ground post heat treat, and it's time to test the hardness and edge geometry.
  • This composite board has 2mm of aluminium, and despite repeated attempts, the point suffered zero deformation
  • On to the rope cut, and it surprised me with about 50% more slices than I predicted...geometry makes a bigger difference than you might guess!
  • Time to tidy her back up ready for a proper this space!
  • Handles to follow next
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